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  • About Us

    Colonial Property Group is an energetic and progressive full service Property Preservation, Inspection, and Real Estate Owned company that serves the mortgage banking industry and real estate corporations. We endeavor to meet and exceed our clients’ needs and expectations with integrity, employ our experience in the mortgage industry, and utilize our technology and network of knowledgeable and competent contractors.

    Colonial Property Group was founded originally in the early 1990s by Dee Young, and revitalized and re-conceptualized in 2008. Our company has grown from one inspector working  in the local areas of the Hampton Roads in Virginia, to now a network of inspectors, contractors, and real estate agents throughout the entire state of Virginia, with the ability to amplify to the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S.

    As we grew, Colonial Property Group embraced new technology and computer systems to expand itself into a company that can perform Property Preservation, Inspection, and Real Estate Owned work across a wide range of states in the Eastern U.S.  With a strong proposition base from our clients, we are expanding into different states to continue to provide quality work and results to our clients.

    With our computer databases and network technology, we are able to monitor the status of our work that is in the field in order to ensure that our clients receive the completed work orders on time and with quality results.

    Our Mission Statement sums up our motto:

    redarrow   To provide the best customer service as efficiently and accurately as possible and have a professional and courteous demeanor – which should exceed our clients’ expectations.