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  • Property Preservation

    Colonial Property Group understands how important it is to get properties into conveyance condition in the most efficient way possible. We offer a comprehensive list of services to meet this objective. If you need a service that is not listed, please contact us to see if we are able to customize or accommodate your preservation request. We offer the following services:

    Allow Access: We will allow access to a third party into the property per work order.

    Board Up: Boarding and Screening of doors and windows.

    Correct Violations: If the city or local government posts a property violation, we will endeavor to cure, or correct, those violations.

    Abatement: We can perform jobs or provide bids to get rid of mold, pests, fleas, etc. on a property.

    Damage Reporting: This requires that we provide a large scale, in depth document that provides the damage, the cause, the cure, and the amount for said work. This is also known as a Damage Report or a Line by Line.

    Debris removal: To remove all sorts of debris from a property: interior, exterior, hazardous, etc.

    Bids/ estimates: To either provide a large bid/ estimate of all the damages and cosmetic issues on the property, or to provide a bid/ estimate on a specific issue for the client.

    Evictions: To meet the Sheriff, change locks, remove debris per Sheriff, and perform any other work per the client.

    Fire and police reports: Per your specifications on a property.

    Lawn Maintenance: Cut and maintain a property’s lawn per client’s work order.

    Lock Changes: Change locks on specified access doors and type of lock per loan type and clients’ work orders.

    Securing: Boarding windows, securing doors with padlocks and hasps or knob locks, security doors, etc.

    Minor And Major Repairs: Depends on the bids/estimates provided for the property, and the bid approvals we receive from the client.

    Pest Elimination: refer back to abatement.

    Pool And Spa Securing, Draining, Or Removal: Secure, shock, cover, and drain pools (above and in-ground), spas, and secure any gates to prevent unauthorized entry.

    Roof Tarping

    Roof Repair

    Snow Removal

    Sump Pumps: Test operationally, repair, or replace.

    Water Pumps: Test, repair, or replace.

    Utility Orders And Transfers And Restoration

    Vacant Property Posting And Registration

    Winterizations: During winterization season for state: dry, radiant, wet, and steam winterizations provided.